The Cheapest Cars to Insure

All vehicles are not the same when it comes to insuring them. While your driving record does carry weight concerning the cost of your insurance, the model, make and year of the car you own will also play a part in the bottom line. The general rule of thumb is that family-styled vehicles are the cheapest cars to insure.

Everything happen in addition to the style-the age of your car can make a difference. The cheapest cars to insure are typically older models. If you are currently in the market for a vehicle, you might want to consider what the cost of insurance will be before choosing what to buy.

Mini-vans Are Among the best automobiles to be Insured

Six of the ten vehicles in 2011 were minivans according to experts such as the Kiplinger Report. For example, the Chrysler Town & Country LX came in with an average insurance premium just under $1,100 per year for comprehensive coverage.

If minivans aren’t your thing, there are more sporty models of cars that also make the ten list when it comes to being inexpensive to insure. One example is the Honda Odessey EX, which came in seventh in the 10 in 2011.

Generally speaking, the more valuable the car, the more expensive the coverage will be. Insurance companies are aware that the cost of repairing an expensive vehicle is typically higher than the cost of repairing a less expensive one.

In addition, an expensive car that is declared a total loss, costs the insurance company more money to write off than a lesser valued vehicle would cost.

In addition to less pricey automobiles having cheaper repair bills, more high-priced cars are at a high risk of vandalism. And damage according to studies conducted by the insurance industry, thereby, making expensive vehicles a higher risk.

When gauging that automobiles have the cheapest car to insure, look at the picture the vehicle portrays to the world. In addition to cost, some companies raise premium rates for things designed to give a sleek, racy image. For examples, a car with racing pinstripes along the outside may cost more to insure than an auto without such striping.

The mindset of the insurance industry is that a driver was wishing to own and operate a vehicle that appears designed for speed is likely to be a driver who speeds and disobeys other rules of the road.

Doing wrong, things, this puts the driver at a higher risk of causing accidents

Therefore, insurance companies adjust the premiums accordingly for those who drive racy looking vehicles.

If you are looking at the cheapest cars to insure while shopping for your next vehicle, stick with vans and sedans. Be sure there are no visible signs of a desire for speed.

In addition, forgo the fancy, expensive hubcaps for factory model hubcaps and remember, the higher the car’s price tag, the more it will cost you to keep it insured on the road.